Leaving Home/Coming Home

January 13, 2018

See you soon, India. I leave with memories of great adventures, having learned so much, and with experiences that have left a deep deep imprint. In a way, India is always with me.

Now, home to my beloved California with its soft green hills and soaring redwoods, to the salt scented ocean and the flat flat plains of Davis. To my two sweet kitties and to my husband, so long suffering and patient. And avocados!!!!

PS: I will not miss the mozzies.

January 13, 2018

I arrived after dark. Nothing was visible except a thick, dense fog. In a way, this was good–I always find it difficult to reconcile the bright green of the California winter hills with the freezing temperatures. It just short circuits my brain. The day has dawned misty grey, the sun far away, but its light filtering in weak and white through the mist. The cats are curled up asleep, although every now and again, Tiny announces her presence with a chirp. Even so, everything is quiet and still–no cars screeching and horns blaring, no language spoken in a great rush. I’ve made some noise–banged a few pots, sung a few songs, and talked to the cats–just to remind myself of sound.